Zoz burger, anyone?

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So it’s that time of year. The birthday stretch begins with LB’s (little Betts) birthday in just over a week and this year he has opted for a laser quest party. Easy on the stress levels (one day when I have recovered, I’ll post about the parties I have organised in the past…), less easy on the bank balance.

Anyway, the pre-printed reply slips have been returned (long gone are the days when I spent hours handcrafting invitations) and LB was studying them to see who was having which hideously unhealthy food option. I became slightly puzzled when I overheard him muttering about another guest having a zoz burger.

‘What’s a zoz burger?’, I asked.

‘It says it here on the menu, Mum……but what IS a zoz burger?’

See for yourself. LOL!