Inspired by other blogs out there and having thought long and hard (well, maybe just having thought), as a full-time working mother of 2, I decided to have a crack myself.

I wanted to share my thoughts on parenting and working – some may strike a chord, some may strike a nerve – but either way if just one thing on this site helps you to know you’re not alone, then it’s all been worthwhile.

I see it not just about working mums, but for parents, working or not and maybe even acting as a contraceptive for those who are not yet parents. There’s too many people out there who just want to gloss over the nitty gritty for one reason or another – not to appear incapable of parenting, not wanting to put people off, not brave enough to speak out. Well, rather refreshingly, you won’t find any holding back here. Tact and diplomacy are not my strong point and subtelty is wasted on me!

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