Taken at face value

10:00 pm

After a simply dreadful day, I forgot that children are so innocent and sometimes when you least expect it, actually do exactly what you say.

Picture the scene – rotten day at work, no.1 son got the wrong shoes at after school club and the other child parents threw ours out as they were too small (so an unnecessary £30+ expense to buy a new pair), no.1 son smears the insides of a creme egg all over his face and school jumper, then tries to help me wipe the dregs that got caught in my hair with the hand he smeared it on with in the first place…..you know the kind of thing.

It’s the one day a week that the kitchen floor has been cleaned and so I like to try and keep it that way as long as possible (not usually for very long) so when no.2 son was reaching the end of a gingerbread man in my thoroughly cheesed off mood, I rather despairingly said ‘Please be careful with all those crumbs because the last thing I need is for them to be all over the floor.’ Then imagine if you will my horror when he finished the biscuit and swept the crumbs off the table, scattering them across the floor. On questioning him, he innocently answered ‘but you said the last thing you needed was the crumbs all over the floor, so that’s the last thing that I did Mummy!’

That’ll teach me! :-/

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