What’s in a name…part 2

8:09 pm
birthday, grandparents, kids

So following on from the naming conventions the other day, I remembered this system has another downfall (as if my poor ‘bearded lady’ mother doesn’t have it hard enough already…)

We’ve become a tad lazy and had started to abbreviate the granparenting identifiers, till we realised this was starting to breed a whole new set of very-difficult-to-explain-to-a-4-year-old problems.

Let’s start with G & G London (yep, no prizes for guessing where they live!), which is abbreviated in cards to G & G (Lon). Nothing too controversial there.

Grandma with the dog is slightly less fortunate and is shortened simply to ‘Grandma Dog’. Not very flattering..

G & G Country – hmm. I think you can figure out what that got shortened to by a pre-schooler in all childhood innocence – and why we had to abandon the abbreviation system right away!

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