Sailing In the Night Garden

9:10 pm
Crafty, kids, let's pretend

Ok. I admit. I don’t understand that programme either, but there’s no denying that the boys love it.

Time for some quick and easy improvised Iggle Piggle antics of our own…

I used:-

  • an old baby bath (washing basket will do)
  • a fleece blanket (red if you really want to look like the real thing)
  • a piece of garden cane
  • some paper/card to make the sail
  • two wooden spoons (oars)
  • toilet or kitchen roll cardboard tube (telescope)

Iggle Piggle’s boat
I also let them choose from our vast array of fleece blankets (currently planning 101 uses for a fleece blanket post…) to make the sea.

Unfortunately no.2 son chose the zebra striped one, but hey, that’s all part of the fun!

We topped it off with a couple of related Lego models – a whale tale poking out of the water and a lifeguard tower (in case we needed rescuing as a result of falling into the sea) 🙂

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