Tick, tock, bunny clock…

9:52 pm
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Enough about real rabbits. Time to move onto something less likely to escape with possibly a greater life expectancy!

For those of you with little ones who just don’t get the concept that, although your eyes are open now, they were previously closed and this doesn’t necessarily mean you are awake now, there are several potential answers.bunny-clock.jpg

One such solution is the bunny clock. It’s a really simple concept. The clock has a rabbit face, and when you set the alarm, the rabbit closes it’s eyes and keeps them tightly shut until the appointed hour, as indeed should the child in question.

It’s not cheap (or what I would call cheap) at around £20 + p&p (£25 inclusive on bunnyclock) and I have a couple of comments to make (inevitably!)

Firstly, we’ve had ours since no.2 son was about 18m. This is a year or so younger than they recommend for being truly effective, but hey, I was desperate! (but it might explain why it’s not been a huge success). It has proved useful at going to bed time, as we usually send bunny to sleep by setting the alarm then say ‘Shhhhhhhhhh!, rabbit’s asleep. Don’t wake him!’ and this often is enough to settle him.

That’s all well and good, but once already the clock has broken and the alarm would not set, which defeats the whole object of the item! Having said that, it comes with a 12m guarantee so it was sent back to the manufacturers and repaired free of charge (other than p&p). Since then, it has started to go a bit temperamental again and it seems that whilst I can struggle for several minutes or more to set the alarm, no.2 son can set it straight away. And speaking to another parent with the same clock, they also have the same situation. Now that’s either really good child friendly design, or just plain old flukey!

The waking up when bunny wakes up has never seemed to work (yet) – rather I’ve found it easier to invest in a digital clock with a large display and he’s learnt that if there’s a ‘5 at the front’ then Mummy will not be amused!

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