Ehh, what’s up doc?… part 2

9:15 pm

I knew it. It was bound to happen. The Houdini rabbit has only gone and done one.

 I had a bad feeling that day when I opened the gate and rustled the bag full of food. A sense of foreboding as I rounded the corner…that sickening feeling when the boys realised that Smudge (or Smudgey as they’ve nicknamed him) wasn’t waiting ready to chase them round the garden.

 Then the inevitable questioning began.

‘Where’s Smudge gone?’

‘Is he asleep? Has he gone on holiday? Is he dead???’

A sweep of the neighbourhood ensued. Unsurprisingly, the response from each neighbour we saw and told about the escapee had the same response; ‘not again!’.

 He’s been gone a couple of days now. I keep hoping he’ll just turn up under a bush somewhere (rather than spot a flattened Smudge on the main road, which I fear is much more likely). We still have a few days till the neighbours return, so I will continue to pray to the lost rabbit god in the sky. And next time, we’ll limit ourselves to looking after goldfish – at least if they die, I can replace them easily as they all look the same!

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