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Crafty, let's pretend

Following a lengthy spell of watching Boomerang, whilst on holiday, Bugs Bunny has become a retro favourite – a timeless classic (along with the ‘Tom and Jelly’ according to number 2 son. Story Makers has a lot to answer for…)

Anyway, we have recently had bestowed upon us the great honour of looking after our neighbours rabbit. I say honour- it’s rather a dubious honour as this rabbit is the animal equivalent of Houdini. I’ve been outside in my pyjamas at the crack of dawn having spotted the bloomin’ thing making a break for it, not to mention returning home to see it cowering under a bush at the entrance to the estate with every adult within a 2 mile radius trying to capture the elusive beast.

So, we have to feed this animal and were discussing what rabbits eat. The dried food looks a bit like dayglo cornflakes and number 1 son was a little perturbed as he is currently on a self-imposed healthy eating regime (nursery teaches them so much!). The topic of conversation then turned to carrots, and in my wisdom, I decided to knock up a craft carrot. To be fair, it only took a few minutes before breakfast, so should you ever find yourself in a position where you need to make a carrot, you’ll require:-

  • 1 A4 sheet of orange paper (or just colour a plain piece of paper!)
  • 1 A4 sheet of green paper
  • 1 cardboard toilet roll inner
  • some stickytape
  • and scissors

Picture of a craft carrot

Easy peasy – stick one end of the orange paper to the toilet roll to secure it, then wrap the sheet round and stick down the other end. Then roll up the green sheet quite tightly and stick the edge down to hold it in place. Cut some slits in it all the way round (like making a paper tree if you’ve done that before), grasp one of the resulting strips and gently tease the insides of the rolled up piece of paper out. This should make it look like the green leaves for the top of the carrot (well, it will to a pre-schooler…). Then, stick the green ‘leaves’ inside one end of the carrot, and fold and stick the other end into a point.

Bugs Bunny would be salivating at the result 🙂

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