Pirates ahoy – hunting for hidden treasure

9:44 am
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With all the hype about the latest Pirates of the Caribbean film, you can bet your little Captain Jack Sparrow will want to be hunting for hidden treasure at some point over the next few months.

So today, we played at pirates. A game suitable for indoors or outside, depending on the weather, it works best with 4 year olds and over (IMHO).

Start with deciding what the treasure will be. Cap’n Jack decided he’d like some snacks and drew a picture of what he’d like hidden (exhibit A below)

Drawing of treasures to be hidden


  • 1 banana, 1 apple, 4 cherry tomatoes, 5 grapes, 3 pieces of chocolate, some apple juice (I cheated and used an apple Fruit Shoot), 15 raisins, 1 babybel, 1 jelly baby and 1 pot of fromage frais.

Quite an eclectic mix! Rather than looking for gold, I covered the ‘treasure’ with tin foil, so it was pieces of silver instead.

Then, I drew a very basic plan of the garden. You don’t need to be Picasso as you’d be amazed what kids will be able to interpret. In true pirate fashion, X marked the spot.

Treasure map

And finally, the map was rolled up and put inside an empty toilet roll cardboard tube (which later doubled as a telescope!)

Land ahoy!

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