The banana boat

7:53 pm
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Sailing to a dining table near you, an easy to make and (reasonably) healthy pudding for kids.

You’ll need:-
1 banana (boat)
1 apple (sails)
1 small pot of custard (sea)
1 jelly baby (captain)
3 cocktail sticks (masts)
a few grapes (shark fins and jellyfish)
sugar strand sprinkles (for decoration)

Banana boat in custard

In case you can’t figure it out from the picture, start by slicing a little off the banana’s bottom to make it lie flat on the plate. Next pour the custard around the banana. Slice the apple and cut the slices into rough triangles. Stick a cocktail stick lengthways through the slice and stab it into the banana (then repeat). Do the same for the jelly baby (I’ve listened very closely and haven’t heard them scream when I do this, so presume it doesn’t hurt them 😉 ). Place a few grapes randomly in the custard and cut a couple more to resemble shark fins. And finally, sprinkle some sugar strands over the whole thing and … voila!

Unfortunately, because of the cutting, slicing and cocktail stick stabbing required, there aren’t as many activities as I would have liked for a pre-schooler to join in with, but the proof of the pudding is in the eating 🙂

Bon appetit.

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