U8 v Stretton Eagles – 24 September 2011

5:57 pm
U8 Yellows 2011/12

U8 Yellows 2011/12

This week also saw the first league run out for the newly formed under 8 team, who to their credit should actually be U7’s, but what’s a year between friends? After a mid week friendly against Albert Village, spirits were soaring after a 9-1 victory (played across 3 halves ….I’ve never quite got the hang of how many halves there are in a friendly match!), including a couple of cracking goals and a Wayne Rooney-esque style free kick from Fred Jackson, and a hattrick (or was it two?) for out and out striker Cameron Coe. How would they fare against the more established and slightly older league teams?

Stretton were out to dominate from the kick off and an early goal caught defenders Charlie Gallop and Adam Longstaff and keeper Lukas Adams by surprise – to be fair, the looping goal was top quality and given another 6 months of growth, Adams would most likely have got his hand to it. As one of the parents pointed out, the goals looked much bigger than those at the earlier U9 match on the other side of town, when actually, it’s just the players that are proportionately smaller!!

Midfielders Ollie Gilbert and Lochlan McNeil did their best to fend off the Eagles attackers, but there was a touch of David and Goliath about the match at times. Some good attacking play saw Cameron Coe and Fred Jackson with a couple of chances up front, but the Eagles defence were physical and tough, which was a new experience for our novice team. Substitutes Tristan Betts and Josh Bill brought new energy to the team, with Tristan making a couple of lightning runs up the right wing and Cameron narrowly missing across the face of the goal.

Stretton kept the pressure on and managed to score another goal by half time, having tested keeper Adams on many occasions and Adam ‘chopper’ Longstaff having taken a ball full in the face (his good looks were undamaged 😉 ).

In the second half, Alex Fern created some good attacking moves and continued pressure from the Yellows led to the Stretton keeper handling the ball outside of the area and a free kick in a dangerous place…….up stepped ‘Free kick Fred’ and…GOOOOOOOAAALLLLLLL! Well done to the youngsters for getting on the scoresheet. Celebrations were short lived however as Stretton capitalised on the height difference by knocking another few aerial goals in. So keen were the substitutes to get on to the pitch, that goal scorer Fred forgot he was taking a break on the sideline and forayed in to a tackle or two before being reminded that only 7 were allowed on the pitch at any one time (perhaps he’d picked this up from watching his brother earlier…see post below!)

It was nailbiting stuff to watch and led to quote of the match from a nervous mum on the sideline..’It’s bum clenching stuff!’

Final score was something in the region of 5-1 to the opposition, but the Yellows could hold their heads up high and take more experience in to the next match. It would appear that the U8 are subject to the non-competitive nonsense (no prizes for guessing my views on this) so the league table isn’t terribly informative but we’ll worry about that when we’ve won a few more matches. It won’t be long 🙂

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  1. Jo Swain :

    Date: September 27, 2011 @ 8:16 pm

    Fantastic – Come on Marlborough! 🙂 Ere we go, Ere we go, Ere we go!

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