U9 v TS Sports Villa – 24 September 2011

7:59 pm

The first of two match reports today and this weeks fixture against top of the table TS Sports Villa gave plenty to write about.

From the start, it was destined to be a tough match with the Blacks seeing a Jake Hayward shot rebound off the crossbar within minutes of the kick off, followed by a save off the line at the other end by staunch defender Thomas Doran. Veteran goalkeeper (well, it was his second match!) Jack Hadley showed his mid week training had been taken on board by making a couple of choice saves to keep the scoresheet blank.

Marlborough began to build the play with Reuben Betts, Jake Hayward and George Jackson linking well to put the Villa defence under continued pressure. Midfield magic from Blaine Hughes ensured Scott Dunnicliffe’s solid clearances were carried up front, and within minutes, Reuben Betts chipped the keeper to score his first for Marlborough – an early birthday present for his brother, Tristan who is 7 on Tuesday. Happy birthday Tristan! (sorry it wasn’t gift wrapped). Betts was predicted last week to have some goals in him so it was great to see this come true, but please don’t ask about lottery numbers 😉

From the restart, Villa were determined to show why they were top of the league to date, and almost immediately struck to equalise whilst the Blacks were still high on their opening goal and there was little the keeper could do about it. Hughes came off and Ronnie Colver came on, keen for the opportunity to get his first league goal (another prediction perhaps?), but it wasn’t to be today. Sports Villa had a shot off the post just before the end of the second half but as the whistle went, it was even-stevens for the break.

You’ll notice the second half report is considerably shorter and may contain some poetic license, as the reporter had to hightail it across town to report on this week’s other big fixture. The second half followed much the same as the first half, with the Blacks showing that they are becoming a force to be reckoned with, refusing to buckle under pressure. This proved to be even truer than we first thought, when the opposition managed to slot home what appeared to be the winner of the match. But wait……what’s this? HOW MANY players on the pitch?? It transpired that in their excitement, Sports Villa had made some substitutions, but omitted to substitute players off and vocal remonstrations (led by Angela Colver – Go Angela!) from the Marlborough supporters caused the referee to use the fingers AND thumbs on both hands to check the number of players on each team.

Rovers…..7, TS Sports Villa……9!!! NO GOAL :-0

It was difficult to settle after that and with Marlborough having a shot tipped over the bar, the match finished a 1-1 draw with Reuben Betts today’s Man of the Match for his first class strike. Well done Reuben and the rest of the team who continue to grow together. Special thanks also to the Dunnicliffe family for their generous donation of Marlborough scarves for the Blacks, leading to today’s quote of the day* from opposition supporters…’They even have team scarves!’

*One can only imagine some of the other quotes when the extra players were discovered on the pitch (but these would most likely have been unpublishable!)

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One Response
  1. Grandad Country :

    Date: September 25, 2011 @ 2:51 pm

    BRILLIANT !!!!

    Well done Roo and the rest of the team I reckon Angela should get Supporter of the Year award for her beady eyes!!!

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