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Tickets please!

As another Bank Holiday approached, inevitably, it was raining. So how could I entertain two active kids?

We’d been swimming, had a coffee and surfed the net at the local internet cafe, made robots with seed hair (keep checking back – will post about them soon!!) – what could possibly be left to do?

Then, I struck upon the idea of making a home cinema. Now by that, I don’t mean some fabulously hi-tech massive TV and surround sound made from cardboard boxes and sticky back plastic. This was the recreation of a cinematic experience, safe in the knowledge that if we actually took them to a real cinema a) number 1 son would be afraid of the dark and b) number 2 son would be talking about what was happening on the screen throughout the entire film.

So, we simply made a paper banner to stick on the door which said ‘Welcome to our cinema’. Then we installed a ‘ticket booth’ (made from the kid play table with a ‘tickets’ sign on it). Next job was to make some cinema tickets to sell. Once we finally decided what the main feature was going to be, tickets were created and coloured in. We even put ‘seat numbers’ relating to the potential ticket holders ages  (and then put the appropriate seat numbers on the sofa so ticket holders would know where to sit).

Ticket prices were determined by play money denominations and a price list was created accordingly. Then we chose some refreshments to sell – naturally this included popcorn and a drink with a straw. Again, prices were set by plastic money and we had an impromptu maths lesson to figure out how we could pay for 3 drinks at 10p each when we only had two 10p coins and two 5p coins (ok, it’s not rocket science, but exercises a few brain cells for a 4 year old!)

Cooking the popcorn (if you’re brave, buy popping corn from a health food shop and cook oil-free in a non-stick frying pan. Taking the lid off whilst it’s cooking is quite amusing for the children too!) and pouring the drinks were the next tasks.

Finally, tickets were sold, the curtains were closed (well, as it’s not winter it was the best I could do to simulate the lights going down) and the trailers began. I suddenly realised whilst I was writing this that I could have done the thing with the torch (hence the title of the post), but do they still do that these days?

Either way, it was an afternoon of fun on a low budget. Everyone’s a winner!

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