Back to school before they’ve even broken up

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Any parent of school age children knows that before they have even broken up, the shops are ramming ‘Back to School’ stuff down our throats – a bit like being able to buy Cadbury’s Creme Eggs once the Christmas cards have been removed from the shelves.

If you’ve done this before, you’ll know all the tips and tricks, but if you will be drying your eyes for the first time come September when your little one suddenly seems to have aged several years, then here are some things you will need to know:-

  • Don’t leave it till the end of the summer hols to buy uniform because you think they will have grown out of it!
  • Buy it now when the shops have all the offers on and you can get what you want
  • Don’t buy it too big with ‘room for growth’ – particularly if you have boys
  • Buy the size they need now and the next size (or two) up – they will have worn holes in it long before it actually fits them if it’s too big to start with
  • Make sure you have some bigger sized uniform as it’s very difficult to get hold of (and much more expensive) mid school year if you didn’t plan ahead at the start
  • Forget expensive name tapes – buy some Sharpies and write their name in EVERYTHING!
  • Make shoes the last thing you buy, but don’t leave it too late or there will be no choice (mind you, that’s not always a bad thing!)

Oh and if you’re that way inclined, don’t forget the tissues in September!


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