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Here’s a story any working Mum (or Dad if he does the cooking!) will identify with… a letter comes home from school asking for home made cake or biscuit donations to sell at the school fete. For a guilt ridden moment, you toss up the thought of sweating over a hot oven to bake some masterpiece and prove that being a working parent means you are some kind of superhuman being versus taking the easy option and popping down the shops to buy some to pass off as your own. Then common sense takes hold and you are off to the supermarket to get some Fabulous Bakin Boys cup cakes.

Imagine my horror when I got home to find that the icing on my yummy cakes was defective and not of a suitable standard to palm off as a ‘fake bake’. Then I came up with an idea.

The Fabulous Bakin’ Boys seem to have a pretty good sense of humour – their packaging certainly appeals to mine, so I thought I’d write one of my odes by way of complaint and see if it got me anything. Hence I sent this late one Thursday evening:-

Your baking might be grumpy free
But I was certainly not
When I opened my assorted cupcakes
And found that they were grot
The icing was all thin and patchy
Not at all were they fine
‘Specially as I wanted
To pass them off as mine
A working mum like me
Has no time to sweat and bake
So I buy yummy foods like yours
So that I don’t have to make
Hand crafted cakes or flapjacks
For the school fete every year
But when I saw these cakes
My cheat had cost me dear :-S
I don’t know if this mail
With an attachment will get through
So will also send a picture
Of the offenders through to you
Your comments I await
With baited breath to see
What reasoning you give
In your response to me

Yours very grumpily

Fizzy Bee

I also sent a picture of my cakes as evidence
Faulty cakes

I got an email the following day to say they were looking into it, but I didn’t expect anything would happen. However, the day after, a Jack in da box dropped through the letter box, with a note saying that they couldn’t compete with my witty ditty so hoped these would do instead. Yum 🙂 But that’s not all. The following week, I received another apology plus a replacement box of cakes for the original offending articles (the replacements being 33% bigger than the originals too!).

Now that’s what I call fabulous. There’s no-one grumpy at this address….. 😀

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