Reach for the stars…

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Ah yes. The first sniff of fine weather (a bit of sneezing and runny eyes…), and any responsible parent is reaching for the sun cream. You know how it goes – caught unawares, you root around the back of a cupboard for last years left overs and stumble upon a bingo callers collection of different factor sun cream bottles, none of which are completely empty. You kept them, thinking that they could be used next summer. Then sorting through the odds and ends you look at them and decide there’s not enough to last for a 2 week holiday and buy some more. etc. etc.

My solution? You don’t need to spend a fortune on sun cream. Just check the UVA star rating on the back. I found some 5 star- ultra (top rating) Tesco value suncream at £1.97 a bottle. It has quite a pleasant smell, and whilst the packaging won’t win any design awards, it’s definitely a winner for your bank balance. And as sun cream is alleged to lose it’s protection over time, you won’t be weeping at the end of the year when you throw the dregs away 🙂

The little charmer

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I don’t know where the silver tongued little devil gets it from, but No.1 son already showing signs of being a right little Cassanova.

We were watching Saturday morning tv and an advert for face cream came on. He looked a the wrinkle free, fresh faced young things on the screen and turned to ask me ‘Mum, do you use that?’. Expecting the worst, I answered in the negative and to my surprise, was rewarded with the response, ‘You don’t need to as you are beautiful enough already’.

Kids! Aren’t they great? 😀