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Here’s a story any working Mum (or Dad if he does the cooking!) will identify with… a letter comes home from school asking for home made cake or biscuit donations to sell at the school fete. For a guilt ridden moment, you toss up the thought of sweating over a hot oven to bake some masterpiece and prove that being a working parent means you are some kind of superhuman being versus taking the easy option and popping down the shops to buy some to pass off as your own. Then common sense takes hold and you are off to the supermarket to get some Fabulous Bakin Boys cup cakes.

Imagine my horror when I got home to find that the icing on my yummy cakes was defective and not of a suitable standard to palm off as a ‘fake bake’. Then I came up with an idea. Read the rest…

Shake it up

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Getting the boys to drink enough milk is always a struggle. They’ve never been big milk fans. But when they started to get split nails, something had to be done. So I relented and bought some milkshake concentrate in an attempt to make it more palatable for them.

Inevitably, it was more appealing with some artificial flavours added, but it still seemed to have something missing. Then I stumbled upon the perfect gadget in the kitchen drawer.

IKEA milk frotherA while ago I went though a cappuccino stage and purchased an incredibly cheap battery operated milk frother from IKEA. It was just 99p, but was rubbish at making frothy coffee. However, it is just the ticket for making frothy milkshakes. Fill the glass about 3/4 full with milk, dip the frother in the glass, but make sure you don’t switch it on till it’s on there and switch it off before it comes out or you’ll have one hell of a mess! Agitate it up and down near the surface of the milk and very soon, you’ll have the perfect milkshake. Add a straw and in no time, the kids calcium levels will be inversely proportional to the amount of milk left in the glass!

Taken at face value

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After a simply dreadful day, I forgot that children are so innocent and sometimes when you least expect it, actually do exactly what you say.

Picture the scene – rotten day at work, no.1 son got the wrong shoes at after school club and the other child parents threw ours out as they were too small (so an unnecessary £30+ expense to buy a new pair), no.1 son smears the insides of a creme egg all over his face and school jumper, then tries to help me wipe the dregs that got caught in my hair with the hand he smeared it on with in the first place…..you know the kind of thing.

It’s the one day a week that the kitchen floor has been cleaned and so I like to try and keep it that way as long as possible (not usually for very long) so when no.2 son was reaching the end of a gingerbread man in my thoroughly cheesed off mood, I rather despairingly said ‘Please be careful with all those crumbs because the last thing I need is for them to be all over the floor.’ Then imagine if you will my horror when he finished the biscuit and swept the crumbs off the table, scattering them across the floor. On questioning him, he innocently answered ‘but you said the last thing you needed was the crumbs all over the floor, so that’s the last thing that I did Mummy!’

That’ll teach me! :-/

Trading up to a Dyson?

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As word of my wacky ideas sweeps the nation*, a friend sent me the fo article. I thought it’d be great at this time of year when people are snapping up bagless vacuum cleaners in the sales. What do you do with all those vacuum cleaner bags stacked up in the cupboard that will be useless now?

Simple! Follow the pictures below. After all, a picture speaks a thousand words…

Ice cream holder instructions
Read the rest…

Wipe the slate clean

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Another thrifty tip if you are in possession of a magnetic drawing board (a Magna Doodle type effort).

They are brilliant when you have a child just learning to play hangman – easy to reuse and save having to scrabble around for paper. Also great for adults who like to play Pictionary.

You could use an etch-a-sketch, but that really would be hard work!