Jigsaw puzzles solved

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Was your household one of the ones lucky enough to receive a plethora of jigsaws on Christmas Day?

My kids love them. We have boxes which contain several jigsaws (one even has 10 in it) and I got fed up of them all getting muddled together. The solution? Easy! A felt pen and some self seal plastic bags.

Next time the jigsaws are made up, flip ’em over and number the pieces (each piece in the same jigsaw needs the same number!). Then write the number of pieces in the jigsaw and the number that you wrote on the reverse of the pieces on the front of the bag, put the pieces in and seal it up.

As long as you teach the children that getting the right pieces in the right bag is all part of the game, you (and the jigsaws) will be sorted!

You’re not on my Christmas Card list

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It’s funny how little one determines who they would like to send a card to and who they don’t.

Number 2 son was asked about a particular child (who to protect their identity will remain nameless!). His immediate response was ‘She has a snotty nose. I don’t want to send her a card.’

So now you know.  Always keep a tissue handy if you’d like to be on the list next year 😉

All I want for Christmas….

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….is a cardboard box.

Honestly, we sit watching advert after cheesy advert for ridiculously expensive toys (I’m not mean, but I consider anything over £30 for a child to be outrageous and a waste), and I know that despite all the ‘I would like that one please Mummy’ ‘I’d play with it loads’ etc etc that after at best, a week, it would be gathering dust in a corner.

But, bring home a cardboard box (free from work or a supermarket) which is large enough to fit a child in and you have a multi purpose toy. We’ve had it as a toy box, a garage, space city, a space rocket, a fire station, a house, a dog basket, a den….the list goes on and on.

It’s recyclable, reused and reeeeeeeeet great 😉

Bob the Builder would be proud (hmmm…it hasn’t been Sunflower Valley yet!)