Santa cam

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You’ll like this one – it’s a crafty idea. That’s crafty, as in ever so slightly sneaky 😉

I know it’s depressing to think of Christmas in October, but let’s face it, the toy manufacturers are already plugging this years ‘must have’ toy during the commercial breaks.  If, like me, you’re increasingly fed up of ‘Mummy, I want one of those’, then here’s a tip from a colleague of mine (I can’t take the credit for this one, even though it’s sheer genuis!)

The only thing you’ll need is a house alarm motion sensor – the kind a lot of new builds have installed as part of the integral house alarm where the red light comes on if it detects movement within range.  In the scenario above, when faced with the 3rd ‘I really need one of those’ within the last 5 minutes, point to the sensor and say ‘That’s Santa cam – when the red light is on, he’s watching.’ Then it’s up to you to embellish the story to suit your circumstances.

I just live in fear of coming home to find no.1 son up a ladder dismantling the sensor to try and find Santa…….

The dinner time gallery

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Well it’s been a busy time for us and continues to be the most frenetic time of year. But there’s always time for a little artistic work at meal times. I like a challenge, so no.1 son suggests a giraffe:-

*hums the theme tune to Take Hart*

Giraffe pudding

Followed by the next day a ‘smiley face’ dinner (this treat is normally reserved for puddings only, but hey, I can do that with a roast dinner…..)

Roast dinner face

and not to be defeated by a request for snowmen:-

Snowmen puddings

Big cook little cook – eat your heart out!