“Don’t make me angry”

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Any child of the late 70’s and early 80’s will have automatically replied “You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry!” in response to the title of this post.

But clearly, everything comes back into fashion, as the Incredible Hulk has recently featured on the pull ups for no2 son. Hence when they were invited to a superhero fancy dress party, I couldn’t resist making a costume.

It was easy peasy. Green face paint is obviously a must – I like the ones from the Early Learning Centre, though in store, you can buy them as individual colours for £2 each. Personally, I prefer that as there are always some you don’t need in a pack.

So, other than that, just select some old clothes and chop ’em up. If you really want to go to town, I bought half a metre of wadding for less than £2 and stuffed some in the breast pockets of the cut up shirt to create pecs, and some more wadges inside the sleeves for bulging biceps (make sure the child has a tshirt underneath or the wadding will make them scratch like hell against bare skin).

Then just teach them the pose and roooooooooooaaaarrrrrrrrrrr!

Incredible Hulks

Tick, tock, bunny clock…

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Enough about real rabbits. Time to move onto something less likely to escape with possibly a greater life expectancy!

For those of you with little ones who just don’t get the concept that, although your eyes are open now, they were previously closed and this doesn’t necessarily mean you are awake now, there are several potential answers.bunny-clock.jpg

One such solution is the bunny clock. It’s a really simple concept. The clock has a rabbit face, and when you set the alarm, the rabbit closes it’s eyes and keeps them tightly shut until the appointed hour, as indeed should the child in question.

It’s not cheap (or what I would call cheap) at around £20 + p&p (£25 inclusive on bunnyclock) and I have a couple of comments to make (inevitably!)

Read the rest…

Ehh, what’s up doc?…part 3!

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Just when you thought there was a Fatal Attraction moment coming up with regards to Houdini, it looks like Smudge preferred to live ‘happily ever after’.

Yes, the flags are out here after neighbours heard the daft animal scrabbling in a miniscule gap behind the shed. Somehow, Smudge had run the gauntlet of a wasps nest to hide away.

Mind you, having seen how the boys chased the poor thing round the garden, I’m beginning to understand why he may have chosen to brave the wasps…

Ehh, what’s up doc?… part 2

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I knew it. It was bound to happen. The Houdini rabbit has only gone and done one.

 I had a bad feeling that day when I opened the gate and rustled the bag full of food. A sense of foreboding as I rounded the corner…that sickening feeling when the boys realised that Smudge (or Smudgey as they’ve nicknamed him) wasn’t waiting ready to chase them round the garden.

 Then the inevitable questioning began.

‘Where’s Smudge gone?’

‘Is he asleep? Has he gone on holiday? Is he dead???’

A sweep of the neighbourhood ensued. Unsurprisingly, the response from each neighbour we saw and told about the escapee had the same response; ‘not again!’.

 He’s been gone a couple of days now. I keep hoping he’ll just turn up under a bush somewhere (rather than spot a flattened Smudge on the main road, which I fear is much more likely). We still have a few days till the neighbours return, so I will continue to pray to the lost rabbit god in the sky. And next time, we’ll limit ourselves to looking after goldfish – at least if they die, I can replace them easily as they all look the same!

Old before their time

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Bearing in mind that sons no.1 and 2 are four and two respectively, imagine this breakfast time conversation playing out:-

no.2 son, having finished his food first: “I am the winner, I am the winner”

no.1 son replies, with disgust: “It’s not a race of food”

no.2 son responds with equal disgust: “You shouldn’t talk with your mouthful!”

I can’t wait till they’re teenagers :-s

Ehh, What’s up Doc?

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Following a lengthy spell of watching Boomerang, whilst on holiday, Bugs Bunny has become a retro favourite – a timeless classic (along with the ‘Tom and Jelly’ according to number 2 son. Story Makers has a lot to answer for…)

Anyway, we have recently had bestowed upon us the great honour of looking after our neighbours rabbit. I say honour- it’s rather a dubious honour as this rabbit is the animal equivalent of Houdini. I’ve been outside in my pyjamas at the crack of dawn having spotted the bloomin’ thing making a break for it, not to mention returning home to see it cowering under a bush at the entrance to the estate with every adult within a 2 mile radius trying to capture the elusive beast.

So, we have to feed this animal and were discussing what rabbits eat. The dried food looks a bit like dayglo cornflakes and number 1 son was a little perturbed as he is currently on a self-imposed healthy eating regime (nursery teaches them so much!). The topic of conversation then turned to carrots, and in my wisdom, I decided to knock up a craft carrot. To be fair, it only took a few minutes before breakfast, so should you ever find yourself in a position where you need to make a carrot, you’ll require:-

  • 1 A4 sheet of orange paper (or just colour a plain piece of paper!)
  • 1 A4 sheet of green paper
  • 1 cardboard toilet roll inner
  • some stickytape
  • and scissors

Picture of a craft carrot

Easy peasy – stick one end of the orange paper to the toilet roll to secure it, then wrap the sheet round and stick down the other end. Then roll up the green sheet quite tightly and stick the edge down to hold it in place. Cut some slits in it all the way round (like making a paper tree if you’ve done that before), grasp one of the resulting strips and gently tease the insides of the rolled up piece of paper out. This should make it look like the green leaves for the top of the carrot (well, it will to a pre-schooler…). Then, stick the green ‘leaves’ inside one end of the carrot, and fold and stick the other end into a point.

Bugs Bunny would be salivating at the result 🙂

Indecent exposure

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Not the title of a new Hollywood blockbuster, rather an observation in relation to sun exposure for children.

Having just returned from a sunnier climate, I was wondering if I am just super-paranoid about my boys getting sunburnt. There’s much more information these days about the risks of sun bathing, and being a wrinkly old bag myself as a result of sun worshipping in my younger days, I’m adamant that my children shouldn’t have skin the texture of sundried crocodiles before puberty.

So we traipse down to the beach with a minimum of:-

  • factor 30
  • legionnaire’s hat (for neck coverage)
  • sun protection shirt
  • long-ish shorts

and yet time and time again I see children in just swim bottoms and nowt else. Am I being overly cautious or are their parents being carelessly reckless?

Only time will tell.

The social butterfly

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Recently we had some visitors in the evening and the boys were allowed to stay up and see them. In traditional ‘hostess with the mostess’ fashion, tea and biscuits were served to our guests and I was assisted by number 1 son, who asked ‘Mummy, can we invite people round more often?’

I thought – how nice that he likes to entertain others. Social skills are so important in youngsters. Then he added ‘because we get to stay up late and eat biscuits!’

Honesty is not always the best policy…