School is cool

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As both of my ‘little darlings’ are pre-school age and with me being a full time working Mum, they attend nursery 5 days a week. We chose at the start to call nursery ‘school’ so that when the transition to proper school actually came, it wouldn’t be so bad.  In fact, given that schools get more holiday than I do, it’ll actually be a refreshing change for them as they only get the holidays I do at the moment!

I think it also helps them to feel more ‘grown up’. The nursery also runs an after school club and they have a really brightly decorated people carrier for doing the school run. The boys can’t wait till they get to be picked up in it. Hmm, after school club = more money :-/

 Ah well. At least number 1 son has learnt more French than I know so it’s been money well spent so far……..

What’s in a name…part 2

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So following on from the naming conventions the other day, I remembered this system has another downfall (as if my poor ‘bearded lady’ mother doesn’t have it hard enough already…)

We’ve become a tad lazy and had started to abbreviate the granparenting identifiers, till we realised this was starting to breed a whole new set of very-difficult-to-explain-to-a-4-year-old problems.

Let’s start with G & G London (yep, no prizes for guessing where they live!), which is abbreviated in cards to G & G (Lon). Nothing too controversial there.

Grandma with the dog is slightly less fortunate and is shortened simply to ‘Grandma Dog’. Not very flattering..

G & G Country – hmm. I think you can figure out what that got shortened to by a pre-schooler in all childhood innocence – and why we had to abandon the abbreviation system right away!

What’s in a name?

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This morning as I made my way to work, I was thinking about the milestone birthday my father reached today, and how the boys sang him a lovely rendition of Happy Birthday. It also led me to think about the naming convention we have for grandparents….

We’re fortunate enough to have quite a large collection of great/grand relatives and it was my niece and nephew who first came up with the idea of referring to each set of grandparents by an identifying feature. Hence G&G ‘with the chimney’ (their house had a chimney), ‘with the square garden’ (yes, it’s not rocket science….) – then we come to the more amusing ones…

G&G with the horse (not actually their horse, it just used to poke it’s head over the hedge) soon became G&G with the dead horse (!), which unfortunately then became G&G with the dead Grandma (!!). And as if that wasn’t bad enough, we also have G&G with the beard (on account of Grandad’s beard) – I have a vivid memory of being in a busy supermarket one Saturday morning with my niece and nephew, who shouted after my mother ‘Grandma with the beard’.

Let’s just say it turned a few heads…..

Pain free birth

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So finally, after much (well, some) soul searching, I finally came up with an idea for my site. And after slightly less than the usual 9 month gestation period, it is born!

No drugs, no painkillers, no major abdominal surgery – just a bit of mental strife.

Well, I have some grand plans and lots of ideas for posts and pages, but with 2 real births under my belt, I’m not yet sure how soon they’ll come to fruition. But bear with me – it’ll be worth the wait….honestly……….