No wonder the kids can’t spell!!

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It brought home to me how little hope there is for the little ones in being literate and grammatically correct when I saw a spelling list provided by school – have a look and note the corrections provided by the teacher.

Toothbush for the cavemem?

Toothbush for the cavemem?

I also like the way that correctly spelled ‘spring’ has been marked as incorrect!!

Back to school before they’ve even broken up

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Any parent of school age children knows that before they have even broken up, the shops are ramming ‘Back to School’ stuff down our throats – a bit like being able to buy Cadbury’s Creme Eggs once the Christmas cards have been removed from the shelves.

If you’ve done this before, you’ll know all the tips and tricks, but if you will be drying your eyes for the first time come September when your little one suddenly seems to have aged several years, then here are some things you will need to know:-

  • Don’t leave it till the end of the summer hols to buy uniform because you think they will have grown out of it!
  • Buy it now when the shops have all the offers on and you can get what you want
  • Don’t buy it too big with ‘room for growth’ – particularly if you have boys
  • Buy the size they need now and the next size (or two) up – they will have worn holes in it long before it actually fits them if it’s too big to start with
  • Make sure you have some bigger sized uniform as it’s very difficult to get hold of (and much more expensive) mid school year if you didn’t plan ahead at the start
  • Forget expensive name tapes – buy some Sharpies and write their name in EVERYTHING!
  • Make shoes the last thing you buy, but don’t leave it too late or there will be no choice (mind you, that’s not always a bad thing!)

Oh and if you’re that way inclined, don’t forget the tissues in September!


Provigrax bottle

Fabulous by name, fabulous by nature!

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Here’s a story any working Mum (or Dad if he does the cooking!) will identify with… a letter comes home from school asking for home made cake or biscuit donations to sell at the school fete. For a guilt ridden moment, you toss up the thought of sweating over a hot oven to bake some masterpiece and prove that being a working parent means you are some kind of superhuman being versus taking the easy option and popping down the shops to buy some to pass off as your own. Then common sense takes hold and you are off to the supermarket to get some Fabulous Bakin Boys cup cakes.

Imagine my horror when I got home to find that the icing on my yummy cakes was defective and not of a suitable standard to palm off as a ‘fake bake’. Then I came up with an idea. Read the rest…

School is cool

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As both of my ‘little darlings’ are pre-school age and with me being a full time working Mum, they attend nursery 5 days a week. We chose at the start to call nursery ‘school’ so that when the transition to proper school actually came, it wouldn’t be so bad.  In fact, given that schools get more holiday than I do, it’ll actually be a refreshing change for them as they only get the holidays I do at the moment!

I think it also helps them to feel more ‘grown up’. The nursery also runs an after school club and they have a really brightly decorated people carrier for doing the school run. The boys can’t wait till they get to be picked up in it. Hmm, after school club = more money :-/

 Ah well. At least number 1 son has learnt more French than I know so it’s been money well spent so far……..