Do you beat your children?

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Nah – me neither (before you start googling ‘social services’), though I must admit that sometimes with all the child protection policies that exist, it might look like I do.

Following on from the accident form post, there’s another form. One I really dread. The pre-existing injury form. Or as I laughingly refer to it, the ‘I beat my children’ form.

This is the one you have to complete if you send your child to nursery with a visible injury – be it bruise, scratch or plaster cast. If you’re a parent of active children, you can imagine how many volumes of these I must have completed!

I know it’s to protect the nursery staff from any accusations and, more importantly, to help identify any children who may be suffering abuse, but I still feel like evil-mum-who-doesn’t-watch-her-children-properly when I have to complete one :-S

Case in point at the weekend where N1S was enjoying some vigorous see-sawing  (and associated falling off onto the grass, which was all part of the fun).  You just know where this one is going…….at least it was just a bruise rather than a plaster cast on this occasion!

Silence is golden

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Do you ever find that in this increasing litigious society we live in, life is becoming dominated by ass-covering forms?

I mean, nursery has forms for every occasion:- forms for obtaining parental consent to dispense medicine; forms for obtaining consent that they actually did dispense the medicine;

forms for accidents at school; one colour for if your child has injured themselves, another colour for if they have injured someone else.

Before the boys learnt to talk, I was upset the first time number 1 son (N1S) was bitten by another child and in this ridiculously politically correct world, they were unable to tell me which child it was. I guess if I think about it, I can understand why, but it didn’t stop me quizzing N1S to see if I could get him to disclose ‘whodunnit’. Needless to say, at that time, my attempts were futile. Silence was far from golden – more a slightly tarnished brass plated colour…

However, it wasn’t long before the shoe was on the other foot, and N1S had sought justice by sinking his gnashers into some unsuspecting chubby cheeked toddler.  The only thing that saved me feeling completely mortified was the fact that his ‘recipient’ would probably face similar questioning from their parent and was like to ‘take the 5th’. Definitely a case where silence is golden!

That’s all gone by the board now that they can both talk and the first thing they tell you is ‘so and so hit/pushed/shouted at me’ or worse ‘I hit/pushed/shouted at so and so’ !

Come back silence – all is forgiven 🙂

School is cool

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As both of my ‘little darlings’ are pre-school age and with me being a full time working Mum, they attend nursery 5 days a week. We chose at the start to call nursery ‘school’ so that when the transition to proper school actually came, it wouldn’t be so bad.  In fact, given that schools get more holiday than I do, it’ll actually be a refreshing change for them as they only get the holidays I do at the moment!

I think it also helps them to feel more ‘grown up’. The nursery also runs an after school club and they have a really brightly decorated people carrier for doing the school run. The boys can’t wait till they get to be picked up in it. Hmm, after school club = more money :-/

 Ah well. At least number 1 son has learnt more French than I know so it’s been money well spent so far……..