You’re not on my Christmas Card list

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It’s funny how little one determines who they would like to send a card to and who they don’t.

Number 2 son was asked about a particular child (who to protect their identity will remain nameless!). His immediate response was ‘She has a snotty nose. I don’t want to send her a card.’

So now you know.  Always keep a tissue handy if you’d like to be on the list next year 😉

Santa cam

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You’ll like this one – it’s a crafty idea. That’s crafty, as in ever so slightly sneaky 😉

I know it’s depressing to think of Christmas in October, but let’s face it, the toy manufacturers are already plugging this years ‘must have’ toy during the commercial breaks.  If, like me, you’re increasingly fed up of ‘Mummy, I want one of those’, then here’s a tip from a colleague of mine (I can’t take the credit for this one, even though it’s sheer genuis!)

The only thing you’ll need is a house alarm motion sensor – the kind a lot of new builds have installed as part of the integral house alarm where the red light comes on if it detects movement within range.  In the scenario above, when faced with the 3rd ‘I really need one of those’ within the last 5 minutes, point to the sensor and say ‘That’s Santa cam – when the red light is on, he’s watching.’ Then it’s up to you to embellish the story to suit your circumstances.

I just live in fear of coming home to find no.1 son up a ladder dismantling the sensor to try and find Santa…….