Bridget Jones – eat your heart out

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Those of you with children at nursery may already be familiar with this concept – the nursery has a stuffed animal which you are invited to take on your travels and write a diary for.

In our nursery, Jasmine the giraffe is very popular and has to be booked out months in advance – the stuffed equivalent of an A-list celebrity (though Jasmine has more personality that some of the real ones…)

The first couple of entries in her diary were short and sweet. Parents had saved boarding cards and stuck them in her ‘passport’ – that kind of thing. Then it was my turn. Boarding card? Pah! I saved our ski pass and put a photo of Jasmine on.

The bar was set.

Other parents added Jasmine’s photo to the boarding cards.

The bar was raised.

It comes to something when you get back from holiday and find that you have more pictures of a cuddly toy than of your own children! The whole family take turns in trying to find more amusing poses for the jolly giraffe…

Jasmine discovers Happy Hour

Jasmine discovers Happy Hour

Jasmine after Happy Hour

Jasmine after Happy Hour

Not necessarily entirely suitable for a journal for pre-schoolers, but hey, we have great fun doing it 😀