Zoz burger, anyone?

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So it’s that time of year. The birthday stretch begins with LB’s (little Betts) birthday in just over a week and this year he has opted for a laser quest party. Easy on the stress levels (one day when I have recovered, I’ll post about the parties I have organised in the past…), less easy on the bank balance.

Anyway, the pre-printed reply slips have been returned (long gone are the days when I spent hours handcrafting invitations) and LB was studying them to see who was having which hideously unhealthy food option. I became slightly puzzled when I overheard him muttering about another guest having a zoz burger.

‘What’s a zoz burger?’, I asked.

‘It says it here on the menu, Mum……but what IS a zoz burger?’

See for yourself. LOL!


The mini roll express

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Inspired by a recipe in Big Cook’s Cook Book (“Big Cook Little Cook”) caring No.1 son wanted to make a surprise train cake for his little brother. The main ingredients were 2 large Swiss rolls, but being wheat free myself, I didn’t really want to go to that extent because I knew 2 small boys could not polish it all off before it went stale.
So, in order not to disappoint thoughtful No.1 son or lucky recipient No.2 son, I adapted it a little…

For each train, you’ll need:-

  • 1.5 mini rolls
  • a piece of flake
  • a couple of cocktail sticks
  • some icing
  • 4 smarties (or any round sweets)

The photo pretty much shows how it’s done – the whole roll is the main part of the train. Insert a cocktail stick up the middle of the half roll and stick it in the back of the whole roll. Ditto the flake, but put this near the front (if you find the flake is splitting, just ditch the cocktail stick and push it in to the whole roll hard enough to break the chocolate coating and stand up). Then a blob of icing for each smartie to stick to, and we’re ready to rock and roll!

Mini roll express
Chew chew choo choo!

Shake it up

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Getting the boys to drink enough milk is always a struggle. They’ve never been big milk fans. But when they started to get split nails, something had to be done. So I relented and bought some milkshake concentrate in an attempt to make it more palatable for them.

Inevitably, it was more appealing with some artificial flavours added, but it still seemed to have something missing. Then I stumbled upon the perfect gadget in the kitchen drawer.

IKEA milk frotherA while ago I went though a cappuccino stage and purchased an incredibly cheap battery operated milk frother from IKEA. It was just 99p, but was rubbish at making frothy coffee. However, it is just the ticket for making frothy milkshakes. Fill the glass about 3/4 full with milk, dip the frother in the glass, but make sure you don’t switch it on till it’s on there and switch it off before it comes out or you’ll have one hell of a mess! Agitate it up and down near the surface of the milk and very soon, you’ll have the perfect milkshake. Add a straw and in no time, the kids calcium levels will be inversely proportional to the amount of milk left in the glass!

Trading up to a Dyson?

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As word of my wacky ideas sweeps the nation*, a friend sent me the fo article. I thought it’d be great at this time of year when people are snapping up bagless vacuum cleaners in the sales. What do you do with all those vacuum cleaner bags stacked up in the cupboard that will be useless now?

Simple! Follow the pictures below. After all, a picture speaks a thousand words…

Ice cream holder instructions
Read the rest…

The dinner time gallery

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Well it’s been a busy time for us and continues to be the most frenetic time of year. But there’s always time for a little artistic work at meal times. I like a challenge, so no.1 son suggests a giraffe:-

*hums the theme tune to Take Hart*

Giraffe pudding

Followed by the next day a ‘smiley face’ dinner (this treat is normally reserved for puddings only, but hey, I can do that with a roast dinner…..)

Roast dinner face

and not to be defeated by a request for snowmen:-

Snowmen puddings

Big cook little cook – eat your heart out!

Dinner is served

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So another wet summer weekend. More inventive games needed.

Try this one – either as a standalone task, or  close to meal time if you’ve run out of meal ideas. For me, dinner was taking a little longer to cook than I had hoped, and the boys were getting restless. So as a distraction, we decided to draw what our favourite meal would be on a cheap paper plate.

Dinner is served

See if you can spot no.1 son’s favourites:-

  • blueberries
  • spaghetti hoops (see previous post!)
  • cheerios
  • green grapes
  • black grapes
  • an apple
  • a rainbow bar (muesli bar in a rainbow wrapper)
  • piece of toast
  • and a banana!

That’s got to be his ‘5 a day’ in one meal!

You can’t miss a spaghetti kiss!

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Picture the scene; a miserable wet weekend, boys are tetchy, tea time arrives and they want ‘real spaghetti’ (tinned rings in tomato sauce), not straight spaghetti (with home made bolognese).

The tension rises, the whining reaches glass shattering pitch and then, I table the idea of a spaghetti kiss. I can’t believe I never thought of it before. We’ve done the ‘who can find the biggest spaghetti worm and slurp it up’ thing before, so this was just an extension of that idea. A child on one end, and adult on the other, then both slurp as fast as you can till you get to kiss in the middle (the louder the lips smacking, the funnier the result).

2 clean plates, 2 satisfied children – a result!

Old before their time

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Bearing in mind that sons no.1 and 2 are four and two respectively, imagine this breakfast time conversation playing out:-

no.2 son, having finished his food first: “I am the winner, I am the winner”

no.1 son replies, with disgust: “It’s not a race of food”

no.2 son responds with equal disgust: “You shouldn’t talk with your mouthful!”

I can’t wait till they’re teenagers :-s

Does your tongue match your eyes in colour?

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No, nor mine usually- though I must admit that the bloodshot tint is fairly close in colour some days, it’s not quite what I mean.

We were busy making biscuits for Father’s Day (more on that another time) when I got out the food colouring pens to do some decorating. Typically, I turned my back for 2 seconds to find this:-

Blue eyes, blue tongue

‘Look Mummy! My tongue is blue to match my eyes.’ Well,  you can’t argue with that, can you?

Custard self portrait

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Another quick and easy pudding that your budding Gordon Ramsays can help with. The pic should be a giveaway, but for clarity it’s just a tub of ready made custard with some chocolate strands for hair, chocolate buttons for eyes and ears. Then a grape for a nose and some more strands for a mouth. Easy peasy!

Roo’s face made in custard

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