Toilet humour – number 1

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There’s nothing us Brits like more than a spot of toilet humour. But there’s nothing us parents like less than being driven up the wall by the the frustrations of toilet training. It’s enough to make even the world’s funniest person lose their sense of humour. Anyone who has faced or is facing this situation will know exactly what I mean.

 So a couple of tricks to try and inject some humour back into toilet time – bearing in mind that I only have boys, some of these may be slightly less successful for girls!

Firstly, when it comes to wee time, trick number 1 is to put a cheerio or two in the bowl and see if they can hit them. They will flush away after a few goes, just make sure they don’t try to fish it out and eat it! Another one on a similar vein is to put some food colouring in the bowl and watch it change colour as they wee on it.  A different tactic is to get them to try and guess what colour their wee will be eg if they have been eating beans, we look to see if it’s orange…blackcurrant squash would be purple etc. etc. Naturally it should never be those colours! (but it is a good way to check how well hydrated they are, particularly in hot weather – the paler, the better).

Then you’ve also got wee a hole through the toilet paper, or if your son has an older brother, sword fights are very popular – try and hit the other persons wee – though we do have a very strict ‘in the toilet only’ policy and any misfires result in instant disqualification!

If you’re strong enough to stomach that, keep checking for the inevitable number two, which will be coming soon (ewwww…)

Pirates ahoy – hunting for hidden treasure

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With all the hype about the latest Pirates of the Caribbean film, you can bet your little Captain Jack Sparrow will want to be hunting for hidden treasure at some point over the next few months.

So today, we played at pirates. A game suitable for indoors or outside, depending on the weather, it works best with 4 year olds and over (IMHO).

Start with deciding what the treasure will be. Cap’n Jack decided he’d like some snacks and drew a picture of what he’d like hidden (exhibit A below)

Drawing of treasures to be hidden


  • 1 banana, 1 apple, 4 cherry tomatoes, 5 grapes, 3 pieces of chocolate, some apple juice (I cheated and used an apple Fruit Shoot), 15 raisins, 1 babybel, 1 jelly baby and 1 pot of fromage frais.

Quite an eclectic mix! Rather than looking for gold, I covered the ‘treasure’ with tin foil, so it was pieces of silver instead.

Then, I drew a very basic plan of the garden. You don’t need to be Picasso as you’d be amazed what kids will be able to interpret. In true pirate fashion, X marked the spot.

Treasure map

And finally, the map was rolled up and put inside an empty toilet roll cardboard tube (which later doubled as a telescope!)

Land ahoy!

Let me show you to your seat

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Tickets please!

As another Bank Holiday approached, inevitably, it was raining. So how could I entertain two active kids?

We’d been swimming, had a coffee and surfed the net at the local internet cafe, made robots with seed hair (keep checking back – will post about them soon!!) – what could possibly be left to do?

Then, I struck upon the idea of making a home cinema. Now by that, I don’t mean some fabulously hi-tech massive TV and surround sound made from cardboard boxes and sticky back plastic. This was the recreation of a cinematic experience, safe in the knowledge that if we actually took them to a real cinema a) number 1 son would be afraid of the dark and b) number 2 son would be talking about what was happening on the screen throughout the entire film.

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