U8 v TS Sports – 1 October 2011

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On a scorching October morning, MR lined up against TS Sports for their second league match. We started brightly, Cam bursting through the TS defence 3 times. But on each occasion he thumped his shot straight into the keeper.

After all the early promise, it was TS Sports who took the lead. Their corner taker delivered the ball like it came out of a mortar. A couple of early ones screamed across the face of our goal and no 6 year old in their right mind was going to put their head in the way. So he tried a different tack and launched it straight into the goal from the corner flag. 1 – 0 to TS Sports.

Straight from the kick off TS attacked again. A long-range shot came through a crowd of players and bobbled past Lukas to make it 2 – 0. But we didn’t give up. Ollie found some good positions to receive the ball and pass to start attacks and Charlie started to run the ball past TS Sports midfield giving Cam more support. We finally got our reward when Cam was able to steer the ball wide of the keeper to make it 2-1 and he followed this with a double sliding knee goal celebration.

In the blink of an eye we were level. Alex Fern did an impression of a tiny Ryan Giggs and tore up the left wing and coolly slotted the ball into the onion bag to make it 2-2.

We had now built up a head of steam. Fred wasn’t letting anyone past him and made some great headers to return their goalies long kicks. There was a real pantomime moment when TS Sports great big defender stood with the ball at his feet on the half way line looking for a pass. Cam came roaring up from his centre forward position “He’s behind you!” roared the TS manager “Oh no he isn’t” shouted the MR supporters at which point Cam nicked the ball off his toe and sped downfield to score (followed by classic Alan Shearer 1 arm raised celebration). Faith and Josh then joined the action. Josh immediately used his speed to race up-field and worry the TS defence and Marlborough got to the half time break with their 3 – 2 lead intact.

In the second half things got even better when Fred put the finishing touches to another MR attack. He was very calm, slotting the ball into the back of the net to make it 4 – 2.

But suddenly TS Sports came alive and started putting real pressure on us. Faith and Adam at the back had a lot of work to do (but at least it stopped them talking for a bit, at one stage we thought they were holding one of their school council meetings on the half way line 🙂 ). Adam weighed in with lots of crunching tackles and Faith made sure she always had a TS player well marked and cleared anything Adam missed. Lukas used all parts of his body to stop the ball today. He caught some, dropped to the ground to smother some and even sat on the ball once to prevent it going over the line. His party piece was tipping the ball around the post with his face. It looked painful but he didn’t seem to mind – all in a days work for a quality keeper!

Finally TS Sports did break through to make it 4 –3 and we desperately wanted to hang on for a win as the last 5 minutes approached. Relief came when Cam broke clear from the half way line. He hadn’t got the ball fully under control and the TS keeper raced out to divert Cam away. But when he gathered the ball, the keeper was out of position. He curled the ball inside the unguarded post to make it 5 – 3 (Chest out, eyes closed, both fists raised – another text book goal celebration).

When the ref blew the final whistle the expression on the team’s faces was priceless. Andy was so proud he was lost for words and could barely string a sentence together for the Sky Sports touchline reporter.

Final Score – Marlborough Rovers 5 TS Sports 3
Marlborough’s Man of the Match – Fred (worked his socks off from start to finish)

This week’s awesome match report was brought to you by Mark Swain – many thanks!

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